15 Tips to Make Moving Easier

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TIPS 1 – 5

TIPS 5 – 10

11. Plan your routes ahead of time (and clear them where possible)

Know your driving route before you head out, and make sure the path from the driveway or road to the new house is free from obstruction or unsteady footing – especially in the winter! This will help you keep the momentum of the move going and keep everyone safe.

12. Break down boxes as you unpack

Staying organized is key to efficiency. Open a box, unpack it, break the box down, and add it to a tidy pile. This way, when you’re done putting things away, gathering the empty cardboard for recycling will a breeze. Did you know:  Movers will often assist with unpacking services – just let the movers know when booking and they’ll allocate the time to help you get your new home set up just right!

13. Choose easy meals while you unpack

Check out the local takeout options in your new neighborhood or take a quick trip to the deli section at your new grocery store, but don’t overthink your first few meals at your new home. There will be plenty of time to break in that big, shiny kitchen once everything is put away. In the meantime, have fun as a family with the “treat” of an easy meal together.

14. Give yourself a deadline

Plan a housewarming party or small casual gathering in your new home a few weeks after move-in day. This will give you the balance of positive motivation and structure, offering plenty of reason to get things together so you can show off your new home and spend time enjoying the fruits of your labors. 

15. Play some music!

At any and all points of your move, upbeat and energizing music will help you stay happy and focused. Professional movers often enjoy a good tune as well!  It’s less distracting than TV and can certainly help you stay in the right frame of mind to get things done. An occasional impromptu dance party can also help to boost morale among the kids as you tick items off your list!

Our #1 tip for streamlining your move is to hire professionals! The team at Central Maine Moving & Storage is happy to assist with any and all elements of your upcoming move. Contact our team today!

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