The Best Reasons to Move to Moosehead Lake, Maine

Most think of Moosehead Lake and the surrounding area as a great place to visit. It is! However, a long-term relocation to Maine’s biggest lake brings a vast amount of joys that a shorter stay could never offer. 1. The Unspoiled Wilderness of the North Woods Perhaps the most alluring aspect of the Moosehead Lake…
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What to Look For in a Moving Estimate

Are you preparing for moving or even just toying with the idea of selling your home and relocating? Getting a moving estimate is one of the first steps! We’d love to help you streamline the moving process! Here are some tips for getting an estimate for your move: Understand What Factors Go into the Cost of…
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Top 5 Reasons to Move to Coastal Maine

Despite its endless attractions, coastal Maine remains a nearly untouched secret corner of the nation. In your relocation to the seaside of the Pine Tree State, you discover some beautiful aspects of New England living. Here are a few things to soak up in your new hometown: Coastal Maine Lighthouses Maine’s coastline is home to…
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