6 Reasons Why Working as a Professional Mover in Maine is an Awesome Job

Looking for an awesome job? Look no further!

The perfect job would help you stay active and engaged, offer great pay, surround you with strong and positive team members, and make a difference in the lives of the people in your community. We have that perfect role – and we’re hiring! Here are five reasons why you should join MaineMoving as a professional mover:

1. Work as a Professional Mover and Earn Great Pay & Benefits

We offer industry-leading pay! Join our team and you’ll have the potential to earn over $25/hour as a moving crew leader !

2. Sign-On Bonus, Retention Bonus, and Tips!

Becoming a professional mover comes with excellent incentives, including $500 sign-on bonus, $500 referral bonus, seasonal and performance-based bonuses, PLUS tips tips tips! Work hard for us, and we’ll work hard for you.

3. Be Rewarded by Helping People in your local Maine Community

Moving a household of possessions is a very stressful experience, but you and the team can instantly make our customers’ lives better!  Our satisfied customers are genuinely thankful for the hard work of our moving crews.  You can end the day knowing you’ve done something to make a family’s life better (and easier)!  It’s an incredibly rewarding experience!

4. We Offer Gym Membership and Tuition Reimbursement

We prioritize health, fitness, an active lifestyle, and working toward personal goals and growth. We’ll help you get to where you want to be in your level of fitness and continued education and development! 

5. You’ll Have Fun Working with a Great Team!

Become a valued professional moving team member in a rewarding environment. We select our teammates carefully, based on excellent attitudes, great senses of humor, and the willingness to learn and grow. You get to be out in the field every day working hard with like-minded and entertaining teammates (and no bosses constantly looking over your shoulder)!

6. Choose a Career with Opportunity for Growth

We’re a smaller, local business within a larger organization and we’re proud to offer opportunities to grow into new and different roles. Become a Certified Packer Loader, a Crew Leader, truck driving and equipment operation training, supervisory and team leadership training, build customer service and sales skills, or choose a completely different path!  

Come join the great team at MaineMoving and make a positive impact in the community every day!  Sound good?  Apply online by clicking the link below!


From Our Happy Customers