5 Tips to Make Moving Easier

A little bit of extra preparation and planning can make a world of difference on your moving day! After years of hands-on experience with packing, moving, relocation, unpacking, and other related moving services, we’ve compiled this collection of tips and tricks to make your moving day go as smoothly as possible:

1. Contact utility companies as soon as you can

One of the first steps you should take is to set up utilities at the new place and plan cancellation dates for utilities at the home you’ll be leaving. This way, you won’t have to wait for the fridge and freezer to chill out when you arrive at the new home or forget to turn off the power before you leave. Checking items off the list as early as possible is key!

2. Find a mover immediately

Make the call, get a quote, set a date, and discuss details and special services right away. Your moving company will be able to serve you best with advanced planning and a thorough discussion of moving expectations and requirements!  To get started:  Click here [link to request a quote form] to set up a free moving estimate with Central Maine Moving & Storage!

3. Be sure to eat and sleep before the day of your big move 

Being overtired and “hangry” will do nothing to enhance your productivity or effectiveness. No matter how tempting it may seem to stay up late and get a few more items packed in boxes, it’s absolutely essential that you be well-rested for your moving day. You could even set up some healthy snacks or a balanced breakfast for the next day to make sure you’re up and running on all cylinders when the movers arrive.

4. Take a picture of electronics connections

How many wires and cords are coming out of your router, modem, TV, stereo, or other devices? Before unplugging and packing them, take some good photos of the connections so that you can put them together properly at your new home. It’s also helpful to organize and label cords and wires based on the electronics they connect to. 

5. Prevent leaks and spills

A tiny square of plastic wrap can go a long way in preventing big messes! When relocating personal care products, cleaners, and other liquids, unscrew the cap and place some plastic wrap over the top of the bottle, then screw the cap back on. If the container gets tipped over, the plastic will prevent a spill! Also consider placing liquid containers in plastic zip lock bags before packing.  Keep in mind:  Movers cannot transport hazardous liquids and materials!

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