5 MORE Tips to Make Moving Easier

6. Consider short-term storage to make moving easier

Believe it or not, you don’t have to get EVERYthing done in one day! There’s no shame in renting a small storage unit or setting up climate-controlled furniture storage with your mover while you transition. It may even contribute to a more efficient and organized move if there are fewer boxes, chairs, desks, beds and crates in play.

7. Pack a cooler

Water is absolutely necessary for staying cool and clear-headed. Pack a lunch box or cooler with hydration options, healthy snacks, and other essentials to keep in the car while you move. Consider including some simple sandwiches or even pet treats – they come in handy if any family members start to get stressed!  Pro tip:  On a hot day, keep some cold drinks on hand for your hard working movers! (They’ll certainly appreciate it!)

8. Make plans for kids and pets

Would it be better for the littles to spend time with their aunts and uncles during your relocation? And maybe little Spike would do best with his furry friends next door or at a doggy day care? Removing kids and pets from stressful situations goes a long way in promoting efficiency and even tempers all around during your moving day. This way, the move will feel positive and exciting instead of potentially stressful and chaotic.

9. Get ahead of things

Pack up and get organized the night before you move. This may mean stowing important paperwork in the car, packing your valuables to keep with you during the move, setting aside snacks and water as mentioned above, programming the coffee pot to brew bright and early (yes, it can be packed last!), checking cupboards and closets for stray belongings, and even tucking the last of the boxes somewhere accessible so they’re ready to go when your moving team arrives.

10. Be sure to let the movers do their job

If you’ve put the work into vetting and hiring professional movers, be sure to let them handle the heavy lifting. It’s tempting to want to control every aspect of the move of your personal possessions – but remember, the pros do this every day! It’s great to leverage the pros experience in wrapping furniture, crating specialty objects, loading the truck, taking inventory, and maneuvering cumbersome and oversized items.

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