What To Know About Moving in the Snow in Maine

Moving during the winter in Maine offers a broader range of availability, can be easier on those doing the heavy lifting, and often comes at a lower price point compared to relocating during the busy summer months. A little bit of preparation can make your cold weather move as smooth as ice! Here are our…
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10 Tips For Safely Packing Fragile Items During Your Move

Packing fragile items – many of which have significant monetary or nostalgic value – can be overwhelming! Your items may be handled multiple times and by multiple people during a move, plus must withstand long drives in the truck, perhaps for days. We’ve collected the top ten most important tips for protecting delicate collectibles and…
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How To Prepare Your Furniture For Storage

When moving your furniture into storage – either temporarily or for the foreseeable future – it’s important to pack the furniture in a way that will keep it safe, clean, and easily accessible. These are our top tips for how to prepare and handle your items in the best way possible: Clean Furniture Before Putting…
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