How to get the best price for your Move

How to Get the Best Price for Your Move

Ask about our Best Price Guarantee

One of the number-one tips when it comes to getting the best deal (for anything) is to shop around. Be sure to check out the pricing of potential movers including special conditions, packages, promotions, etc. Get a quote for your move and see how it stacks up against other options!

That’s where we come in. In addition to decades of experience and the happiest customer base you will ever find, we GUARANTEE the best price for your relocation! If you find a better deal with another company, show us your moving package and we’ll meet or beat those other estimates! 

Take Advantage of Our Move Express Program 

Streamline your move for major savings! A smaller job means less financial investment, a quicker relocation process, and less down time for you. 

Our Move Express Program is the perfect solution for lighter loads to get you on the road as smoothly as possible. Same great service, great rates, and no minimum!


Central Maine Moving & Storage is offering some incredibly special deals during April! Pick a promotion that best fits your needs so that your savings are custom to your relocation. Through April 30, choose between 50% off moving boxes OR 15% off your moving package! Use code APRIL to redeem your savings.

Make Sure You’re Working With the BEST

The overall success of your move goes beyond finding the lowest price possible. It’s important to take some time to get to know a company before committing to have them handle your most treasured possessions. Evaluate their overall presence, social media voice, website, professionalism and attention to detail, customer reviews, etc., to get a feel for how they run their business. 

5. Book Your Move Early 

Like anything else, moving becomes a monster of a task if it has to be tackled last-minute. Set yourself up for success by booking your moving dates as early as possible. This will allow plenty of time for organizing, planning, and preparing for your relocation before the movers even arrive on your doorstep. This level of preparation cuts down on additional services and last-minute surprises!

Ready to start planning your local or long-distance move? We’d love to help you get to your new home! Call us at 207-947-4114 or REQUEST A QUOTE.

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