8 Tips For Moving During the Fall


Fall has arrived in Maine! This season is a great time of year to move, for many reasons. Peak busy season has subsided, the back-to-school bustle has settled, and the temperatures lend themselves to doing heavy lifting more comfortably. Ready to schedule your move before the cold weather hits? Here are our top tips for moving during the fall:

1. Prioritize Seasonal Packing

Winter will be upon us soon in Maine, so it’s important to keep this in mind while packing. Pack seasonal clothes and sporting gear together so you can find them right away in your new home. This includes cold and wet weather items like rain boots and jackets, snow gear, shovels, etc. If these items have been in storage for a while, now is a great time to pull them out, look them over, check for damage and take inventory of what you may need upon arrival at your new home.

2. Declutter from Summer

A great way to cut down on the amount of boxes you’ll be transporting is to purge seasonal items that you won’t need for a while. For example, take a moment to sort through shorts, tank tops, swimwear, sandals, beach accessories, lawn furniture, toys, and other summer items to discard (or even better, donate!) the ones that you likely won’t wear  next year.

3. Consider Storage

There are distinct benefits to putting some of your possessions in storage as you move. Fewer items in play will lessen the workload, speed up the relocation, streamline the moving process,and make your move-in day so much simpler! This is a great option for off-season or bulky items that you won’t be using right away at your new home. We offer self and managed storage options at Central Maine Moving & Storage – just ask us for more information! [[ADD LINK TO STORAGE SUBPAGE ON WEBSITE]]

4. Dress For Everything

During the fall, Maine weather can be unpredictable. Regardless of what the forecast says, plan ahead by wearing or bringing layers for cold weather as well as some options in case of rain. Choose shoes with good traction that are water resistant and comfortable. Another primary concern is comfort – be sure that your clothing is breathable, fits well, and will hold up well to a full day of moving.

5. Unpack for the Season

Get those seasonal items out of storage and set up at the new place! Tell your moving team where your seasonal decor, crock pot, and other fall items are stored and request that they are left somewhere intentional at your destination. You’ll be able to set up your fall aesthetic and jump into cold-weather cooking right away instead of digging through boxes hoping to stumble across the things you want to use right away.

6. Put Down Plastic During Your Fall Move

Wet leaves, dirt, and mud belong in your new yard, not on your new floors. Protect your new home by picking up plastic painter’s sheeting and spreading it over carpet, rugs, and wood floor. Alternatively, cut open large black trash bags and secure them around entryways and other primary pathways where your team will be going back and forth. Note: Be careful not to slip on plastic protective pieces with wet shoes!

7. Keep a Broom Handy when Moving During the Fall

During the fall, you’re bound to track in a lot of fallen leaves and outdoor dirt. Keep a broom handy alongside other basic cleaning elements like paper towels and mops to help eliminate floor mess throughout the day. Staying on top of dirt throughout the day will reduce the workload when moving is done and keep your boxes, furniture, and other possessions free from damage.

8. Set Up Utilities Ahead of Time

Walking into a cold, dark house on a chilly fall evening after working all day to relocate your entire life is never a good feeling. Be sure to get electric, gas, and other utilities connected and running before the big day! This will help you have a safe, warm, relaxing, and stress-free place to decompress. 

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