6 Summer Moving Tips for Local and Long Distance Moving

1. Schedule Your Move Well in Advance

The very first step of the moving process is to set the timeline and determine the process of your move.  Make a plan with a reliable professional moving company that you’re confident will follow through during peak moving season. Selecting your moving dates well in advance will ensure that you have your pick of days and times. Morning slots are ideal, as warm weather moving unfolds much more smoothly during the cool and quiet early hours.

2. Avoid Moving on the Weekend

Summer weekends are prime relocation slots – and this makes them significantly more expensive to book! Plan smart by scheduling your move for a weekday. As an added perk,  weekday moves are a great workaround to avoid the predictable gridlock of summer traffic jams – especially if you’re moving to or from Coastal Maine!

3. Don’t Get Caught in the Rain!

There’s an old saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Maine – wait a minute!” The forecast in our state can change in an instant, so warm weather showers are a distinct possibility. Be deliberate about how you pack clothes. We’ll make sure unfinished or vulnerable furniture, electronics, and other precipitation-sensitive items are well-protected in case you end up caught in a summer squall. It would also be wise to separate some clean towels, drying rags, and tarps to keep your new home clean and dry during unloading at the destination.

4. Beat The Heat, Head to Feet

Though it seems like common sense, dressing for the weather is a key component of a comfortable move. Summer-appropriate attire includes loose, breathable fabrics that keep you cool and don’t inhibit your range of motion. Open-toed, insubstantial shoes like sandals don’t offer much protection, so opt for closed-toe shoes with a decent tread. Lastly, be sure to grab a sun-safe hat or even SPF lotion to keep your skin safe in the event of extended exposure!

5. Keep Water On Hand

Being outside, on your feet and in the heat for most of the day is a lot of work. Stock plenty of water – preferably cold – for yourself and the movers (they truly appreciate it!) so everyone will stay hydrated. A cooler in the back seat is the perfect solution! For quick cool-downs, a spray bottle full of water, wet cloths and wipes are effective measures.

6. Keep It Cool

Be sure to have utilities up and running at your new place BEFORE the big move-in day. If available, have the AC running a full day before your move, if you’re moving locally. Otherwise, open up some windows and place fans strategically through your new home. This helps to create a respite for both yourself and the movers, as well as sets a comfortable temperature in the space for unpacking for hours after boxes and furniture have been delivered.

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