Benefits of Moving During the Winter

There are Many Benefits to Moving During the Winter Months

Winter can be a great time of year to move! Don’t let the holidays, cold weather, or snowy roads stop you from moving into your dream home. Here are a few reasons why this winter season may be a great option for your local or cross-country move:

  • Winter weather can make your movers’ jobs easier! Cooler weather means they’ll be less likely to overheat when moving heavy boxes and furniture during the winter.
  • Seasonal discounts are real! Most people want to move in the summer. By booking your move during the winter “off season,” you’re more likely to get a better package price on your relocation.
  • Winter offers the most flexibility for the moving industry. If your move dates go off-course, moving companies have more flexibility and availability for rescheduling or adapting to the new course of action.
  • What better time to stay inside to finish unpacking and setting up your new home? Snowed in after the last big storm? Keep warm in your new home and spend some extra time cleaning, getting unpacked, and prep your home just how you want it.

Planning Your Winter Move

Maine winters are known for their unpredictability, so it’s best to set up a plan in advance. The pros at Central Maine Moving & Storage will help! With a little forethought and smart thinking, we  will set up your cold-weather move to be smooth as ice.

  1. Keep an eye on the sky! Carefully monitor weather conditions, particularly on the week of your move. If the weather decides to throw you a curveball, you’ll know in advance and be able to take precautions to stay safe and on schedule. We’ll keep an eye out too and let you know ASAP if any scheduling changes will be necessary.
  2. Set up boarding or a playdate for your pets! Moving can be stressful in any season, and if your dog or cat doesn’t have a chance to stretch their legs or is confined to a vehicle, it may create anxiety and overwhelming stress. Dropping your fur baby off with friends or at a trusted kennel will help them stay calm and happy during the chaos of the day.
  3. Shovel, scrape, and salt! Plan the route across sidewalks and up driveways before the movers show up. Make sure the path is cleared of snow and ice, thoroughly salted and wide enough to accommodate transportation of larger items. Make sure to look overhead too, to ensure there are no low hanging branches or wires — moving trucks are tall!
  4. Do a walk-through of utilities in the new home before the moving truck arrives!  During cold weather, it’s more important than ever to have heat and running water. Check faucets, thermostat, electricity, and other essentials. No need to crank the heat when your movers arrive, because the door will be open quite a bit — no need to waste the heat out the door! .
  5. Expect the unexpected. Keep towels, sheets, tarps, and other protective measures handy in case of a storm and to clean up tracked snow and slush.

Our biggest tip: Hire the pros! At Central Maine Moving & Storage, we’ve got all the tricks to make your move go smoothly regardless of the forecast.


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