10 Ways To Make Winter Moving Easier

Relocating, whether down the street or cross-country, during winter may seem daunting. There are ways to make it easy! The best thing you can do to make your move easy is to hire a professional. The pros at Central Maine Moving & Storage have years of experience transporting everything from family heirlooms to exercise equipment with the utmost care, even in the harshest Maine season.

1. Watch The Weather

Central Maine Moving & Storage keeps a keen eye on the weather and stays in close contact with you leading up to the day of your move, including a call five days before your move, the day before, and the morning of your move to ensure everything is on schedule. 

2. Have a Back-up Plan

Central Maine Moving & Storage works closely with you on a back-up plan in the event that a record-setting blizzard hits on the day of your move. Don’t worry! We’ll make sure you, your home, and your furnishings are well taken care of.

3. Keep Cold Weather Clothing Close

 Since it’s the winter make sure to keep some cold weather clothing close at hand, like a winter jacket, gloves, a hat, and boots. If there’s something you packed by accident, just let our movers know. We’ll do our best to help you retrieve it.

4. Keep Snow Outside

Central Maine Moving & Storage goes the extra mile to make sure your home stays clean during a winter move. We clear the entryway, lay down floor mats for protection, remove shoes, and clean up.

5. Keep the Driveway Clear

 We recommend customers clear their driveway and entry of snow before their move begins. Our moving crew arrives with shovels and salt to make sure they can access your home easily and safely accessible.

6. Protect Your Items

We pack, pad, and wrap your furniture inside the home before carrying it to the truck to protect your valuable items from the winter elements during your move.

7. Turn on Utilities

Make sure your new home is ready for your arrival. Are your utilities turned on? Heat turned up? Driveway plowed? Doorways cleared? Also, have some hot beverages on hand. Movers can get cold too! Not a requirement, but appreciated. They’ll think you’re awesome!

8. Need it Later? Put it in Storage

Did you sell your home in the winter but are not ready to move into your new home yet? We can pack and store your furniture locally in our military-approved, climate-controlled storage facility until you move to your new home.

9. Move Somewhere Warm

If you’re a snowbird looking to get away from the cold Maine winters, we can help! We’re an award-winning agent of North American Van Lines. This means we can move you nationwide. We make frequent trips to the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, or any other warm place!

10. Make Your Move Cost-efficient

Many people prefer to move in the summer. This means moving is often more economical in the winter months. Contact Central Maine Moving & Storage to find out how we can save you money by moving during the winter!

Have more questions?

We’re here to help! For more information about your winter move, call 207-947-4114 to chat with the pros. Let’s get moving, safe, and warm! Request a quote!

From Our Happy Customers