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What to know when you move to Maine

Moving to Maine for many is a dream come true and we are looking forward to helping you on your relocation to “The Pine Tree State”. Our team of relocation consultants and certified movers will take the best care of you before, during, and after your move. We’re looking forward to helping you get settled and organized in your new home!

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles, (aka, the DMV)

In Maine, it’s called the BMV – Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Looking for the closest BMV to your new home? Go here

Each city/town has an official office

In Maine, the legal difference between a city and a town is largely meaningless, so it may surprise you that some of Maine’s largest communities are towns, and there are some cities with very small populations. You’ll want to set up utilities and other items in your name, such as water, and sewer where applicable. Some additional things to discuss with your town office are voting registration & location, recycling options, and dump/trash options. Most towns do not offer trash pickup – so you’ll need to find out where to bring your trash and the hours of operation.

Registering your automobile and excise tax

In Maine, you’ll have 30 days to register your car. To register your car simply visit the town office of the town you live in and bring your proof of ownership and proof of your residency (an electric bill will do) as well as valid insurance information. When you register your vehicle you will also have to pay excise tax. Excise tax is defined by Maine law as a tax levied annually for the privilege of operating a motor vehicle or camper trailer on the public ways. Excise tax is paid at the local town office where the owner of the vehicle resides. Excise Tax is calculated by multiplying the MSRP by the mil rate. The rates drop back on January 1st each year. For example, a 3 year old car with an MSRP of $19,500 would pay $263.25. ($19,500 X .0135 = $263.25). Newer vehicles will generally be more expensive to excise than older vehicles. The town that collects the excise tax can use it as revenue towards the annual town budget. Typically, the revenue is spent on local road maintenance, construction and repair.

Registering a Boat in Maine

Most new boats must be registered through the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife before they can be sailed. Excise taxes must be paid the in town of residence before registration. For more information, Go Here

Vessels that require registration

  1. Any motorboat sailing on Maine waters

Vessels that DO NOT require registration

  1. Boats registered in another country/state and not being used in Missouri for more than 60 days
  2. Any boat that is propelled only by oars or paddles
  3. A ship’s lifeboat
  4. Boats owned by the United States Government used for official purposes
  5. Racing boats brought into the State for racing (having a number given by a known racing organization)
  6. Military or public watercraft

To register in person

  • You can register a boat only in person for the first time by visiting the central boat registration office in Augusta or through Recreational Agents (some town clerks or municipal tax collection agents) for the Fish and Wildlife department.
  • You must bring a completed boat registration application and proof of ownership such as a bill of sale, invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin, or out-of-state title, and proof of excise tax payment.


Boat registration fees range from $10 to $29, depending on the power of the motor. See here for a more detailed breakdown of the registration fees In addition, vessels registered in Maine are subject to a $10 Lake and River Protection Sticker fee if they are to sail on inland waters. This fee is used to preserve the Maine waters. If registration is being done through an agent, there may be an additional $2 fee.

Fishing in Maine

Your family will need to purchase Maine fishing licenses and read the state fishing regulations before making plans to fish on inland waters. ME fishing laws or regulations cover topics such as bag limits, length limits and seasons. Fishing regulations will also vary depending on whether you plan to open water fish, ice fish or saltwater fish. For more information, Go Here

Some fun facts about Maine

  1. Cadillac Mountain, located on Mount Desert Island, Maine within Acadia National Park. With an elevation of 1,530 feet (466 meters), its summit is the highest point 25 miles (40 km) of the shoreline of the North American continent between the Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia and the Mexican peaks 180 miles (290 km) south of the Texas border.
  2. The Maine State bird is the Black Capped Chickadee.
  3. Maine’s Somes Sound is the only fjord on the east coast of the United States.
  4. The honeybee is the official state insect.
  5. The state flower is the white pine cone and tassel.
  6. With a total area of 33,215 square miles the Maine covers nearly as many square miles as the other five New England states… combined!

For more great ideas on what to do in Maine or things to see as a new resident Go Here

We hope that you enjoy your new home in Maine, and remember, if you need to store any of your items for the winter months such as a jet ski, boat or that summer sportscar – we can help you with that, too!



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