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MoveExpress! from Central Maine Moving & Storage

Our award-winning, five-star, service scaled to meet the needs of your small move. MoveExpress! offers the same friendly, professional service you expect from the folks at Central Maine Moving & Storage tailored to the needs of your small move. Whether you move across the street or across town, call us. We’ll be there to do the job for you!


You need to move a one bedroom apartment or a small office, but you don’t need a big truck and a full crew?

No problem. Whether your moving in or moving out, moving things into storage, or decluttering, our trained pros can handle the “heavy work” for you. We pick up and deliver the contents of your small apartment or even just a few of the larger items saving you time, money, and the inevitable backache.

You decided to do it yourself but realized the job’s bigger than you thought?

We’ve got that! Call us! We can stop by and give you a hand, even if it’s your own truck! A couple of professionals on the job will definitely make things go much faster and safer. You’ll avoid the stress!

You just bought that “perfect piece of furniture” you’ve been looking for!

Now, how do you get it home? Cash and carry? No worries! Simply call us. We make the arrangements, pick it up, and deliver it without a scratch!

You only need to move a few things & can’t do it yourself?

You can’t afford an expensive mover. That’s where we come in! When you add up all the costs, MoveExpress! competes favorably with the “do-it-yourself truck rental and a couple of friends” plan. Plus, it’s much safer. Our service includes all of the loading, unloading, labor, the moving pads, and the truck. No money surprises along the way.

With low rates & no minimum, MoveExpress! is a great value!

The perfect choice for your small moving jobs:

  • One Bedroom Apartments
  • Studio Apartments
  • Cash & Carry Furniture
  • Small Office Moves
  • Computer Equipment and Racks
  • Appliances
  • Loading and Unloading your rental truck
  • Home Decluttering & Spring Cleaning
  • Restaurant & Hospitality Seasonal Set-up
  • Trade Show Set-up & Breakdown
  • Event Set-up & Breakdown
  • Home Staging
  • Banquets & Weddings
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Temporary Furniture Storage During Home Renovations

*MoveExpress same-day service is subject to availability and scheduling.

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