Why a Professional Mover?

Why should you consider a professional mover when moving across the street, across the US, or around the world? This is really the first question most people ask when thinking about “the big move.” Of course, the answer is different for everyone, but there are certainly many factors to consider when deciding. Your answer will ultimately come down to one factor, Time.

Do-It-Yourself Moving

At a glance, a do-it-yourself move may seem very inexpensive. But there can be many hidden costs you may not be aware of, including your own time. Are you willing to pack all of your belongings and drive the van to your new location? Are you moving a considerable distance or just across town?

These are just a few examples of things to think about when approaching self-move. With all the stresses of work and life, it isn’t always easy to sacrifice the necessary time for self-move. You will need to be responsible for organizing, packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading heavy furniture and objects that can be awkward to carry without the necessary help.

Other aspects of a self-move that need to be considered include:

  • Finding enough people (family, friends) to help you move within your schedule
  • Renting the necessary equipment to make a move manageable (vans, dollies, etc.)
  • Additional mileage charges beyond fuel expenses
  • Moving insurance
  • Unexpected time constraints and costs

Moving Cost Comparison

Professional Mover

Is your time valuable to you? For a lot of us, it is. Most self moves take an entire weekend or more to complete. Meanwhile, a move with experienced professional movers can be completed in one day.

Professional movers are also more efficient in the process because, after all, it is what they do. Whether you are thinking about a Residential move or Commercial relocation, our staff of expert movers at Central Maine Moving & Storage has the complete skill set to handle all of your personal belongings carefully, regardless of worth. As for packing and unpacking, your belongings are a huge part of the moving process. Our skilled movers can perform this portion of the move in half the time it takes a self-mover.

When self-moving, people tend to use multiple vehicles or end up using a moving vehicle that is much too large for all of their belongings, leaving a lot of space and lost money. Professional movers can analyze your moving situation, determine the right size vehicle for your move, and maximize the given cargo space, which will end up saving hours of moving time.

Other benefits of a professional mover include:


  • Experience a hassle-free move
  • No unexpected extra expenses
  • Complete your move in half the time
  • Free up your valuable time to focus on family
  • Saving TIME means savings MONEY!

If you have weighed all of your options and have decided that a professional moving experience is right for you, please contact us today!

Moving Cost Comparison

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